Daily Inspiration

SriSriSpeaks: If you believe even in that which you cannot see, your reward will be greater than what you can imagine.

Q: How do you fan the fire of spirituality and not allow it to be inundated by day to day life. You don’t want to abdicate your responsibilities. What do you suggest, simple steps you as an enlightened person to keep spirituality alive in us. What I understood the way u expressed was very beautiful, to spread happiness, to be simple at the same time keep giving.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 I would give you 3 suggestions. One is spend 10-15 mins with yourself. What is it that you want? What is life all about? 50- 60 yrs ago, where I was and where I will be 50 years later? What is my origin? What is my definition? Just don’t look for an immediate answer. Even questioning yourself – ‘what is life all about?’ uplifts the spirit. This is what I would call as knowledge. Dwelling sometime with knowledge, you can read books like Yoga Vashista, Ashtavakra or even Geeta, Just a few lines of any other uplifting knowledge books. And then 10-15 minutes of meditation. 10-15 minutes of meditation will give so much energy that it can refresh the brain, Refresh the spirit and energize the body. And the third thing is do some act of kindness, don’t have to be in the routine. Take some time out. Do some Random acts of kindness. Spend some time with music or art. These 3 things can bring you a lot of fulfillment and keep you away from stress.

SriSriSpeaks: By doing Sudarshan Kriya, pranayama and some meditation you will see how the mind becomes clean. As the mind is cleaned, the behaviour of a person is also improved. And then you can make many friends. Wherever you go, whoever you meet will feel like your own. And then nothing will be lacking. That is Vishwatma!

Q: Jai Gurudev, I want to know how much effect do planetary movements have on the life of an individual.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
t has an effect to some extent. But you have something deep inside you which is even more powerful. If the energy inside you wakes up it can change the impact of these movements too.

SriSriSpeaks: When you meditate, when you are in the course, when you’re doing practices, that time drop the desires. But later on when you are working in the world, pick and hold on to one desire of welfare of the coming generation, or one world family, beautiful planet, anyone, okay!

Q: I have one classical question. When we put lots of passion in our work, we develop attachment to the result. But same attachment and clinging of result gives stress when we do not achieve it, and happiness when we achieve it. Going by my limited understanding of Bhagwad Geeta, they say do your work with dispassion. But if we do that we see that results can go haywire. How do we resolve this?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Ya, I think it’s little bit different understanding of Geeta. Actually the understanding of Geeta should be, ‘you work hard, you put your 100%, you look for the goals, you look to achieve the goals. But at the same time you should have that faith, that confidence and relax’.
You know to achieve anything you need 3 type of confidence. First is confidence in yourself, Then you have no anxiety. It’s very easy for me to handle this issue. I can do this. Second is confidence in the society around, people around. If you know that your team is good and they will achieve it, or if you have faith in the system that the system is continual and justice will be done to you. You know, if you have done well then you will definitely get well. But if you don’t have trust or faith in the system, if it’s very corrupt then you will not pass it. So, we have to have faith and trust in system. Third is trust in a power which is compassionate, higher power, the higher self, and this faith that it will always do best to people. These 3 types of trust can take us out of anxiety. For this, I would say take out a few minutes for yourself. Relax and Look back. How many times in the past you got stressed? You got some failures? You went through some failures and you achieved something. So, in the same way, now also you will achieve. That gives you that inner strength which is more needed at the time.

SriSriSpeaks: You’re part of Divine and you are beautiful, very good human being. This identity must be brought forth, first and foremost.

Q: How do we know that we are working on our life’s purpose and we are not doing somebody else’s job?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Okay! How do we know we are doing our life’s job? What is that we have come here to do? See whether you are happy and making people happy around you. Are you doing whatever you can do for people around you? Are you sharing your love and gaining knowledge? Whatever knowledge you have, can you share that with people? You have to ask these questions and you know, sometimes we shouldn’t doubt ourselves too much; sometime self doubt arises – ‘Am I doing this right?’ Just be spontaneous. In every action, there is something good and there is something wrong. There is no action that is totally perfect. The field of action has some imperfection, maybe one percent or two percent. So there could be imperfection in every action.

SriSriSpeaks: Don’t think you should all be without anger all the time. When you have a control over it then it is healthy & you are okay.

Q: We do everything for appreciation from people. How to get rid of the craving for appreciation from others?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
First start doubting the appreciation. Are they genuinely appreciating or trying to fish something out of you? When you doubt the appreciation then you will lose the craving for other’s appreciation.

SriSriSpeaks: When your hankering for pleasure ceases, then you get liberation, you experience Enlightenment. When your hankering for Enlightenment also ceases, then you experience Divine Love.

Q: Jai Gurudev, as a mother and teacher how do I guide the younger generation?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
First be a teacher and then a mother. Be a teacher for your children and for the friends of your children. If you attend to the whole group of your children’s friends then you will be an effective mother as well.

SriSriSpeaks: In Divine love you cease to exist, you dissolve, like a pinch of salt that dissolves in water, a grain of sugar that disappears and dissolves and allows just that Divinity to be there.

Q: Are bad dreams okay?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Bad dreams are okay and good dreams are also okay. Consider bad dreams as something negative leaving you and good dreams as indications of something good about to happen.

SriSriSpeaks: Give a little bit of space and know things are happening anyway. The world existed before you were born and it will continue to exist after you are dead and gone. And things will be alright. Broaden you vision about yourself, about life and you will find a lot of difference and changes happening.

Q: Why do I cry so easily? Am I so weak?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Crying out of love, joy is very good. Such tears are very precious. It is a sign of your heart opening up. If you cry because you feel hurt, then invoke the valour inside. Many times you pity yourself. On the spiritual path, self pity and self blame have no place at all. Shun these two. If you blame yourself then you cannot go towards yourself.

SriSriSpeaks: Don’t think in your mind what will Guruji think about me, whether he will think this or that. Don’t try to impress me. I never get impressed by anybody’s behavior nor do I get unimpressed by anybody’s behavior because I see you one step beyond your outer behaviors.

Q: Can we have goal in life?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Yes. You have to review it again after sometime. You don’t have to be stuck with it. When your vision changes, you can change your goals too.

SriSriSpeaks: Recognizing the one consciousness which is in everything and which is in me as well and serving this one consciousness is Pooja.

Q: With regard to accepting people as they are, I find it very hard to accept the people who are insincere towards their work, especially those who report to me.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Very good. Don’t accept them as they are. Take strict action and handle them skilfully. People don’t change overnight, yet people do change. Nobody will remain the same as far as imperfections are concerned. Perfection remains the same. Truth is always one, lies can be many.

SriSriSpeaks: Your faith, your love, your beauty, your truth is a 100 times more powerful than the doubt.