Art Of Living Foundation Offers Breathing Space

With its Corinthian columns and copper-capped dome, the neo-classical building looks a lot like a church.
For a long time, it was one. The edifice on the corner of West Adams Boulevard and Hoover Street housed the Second Church of Christ Scientist for a century. Pews still sit in the second-floor sanctuary, illuminated by light from the windows that circle the base of the dome.

But people no longer come here to worship. They come here to learn how to breathe.

“Breathing is a tool, a tool to remove the stresses that obscure the qualities that you are,” said Austin Myers, 56, director of the Art of Living Foundation in Los Angeles. “You are love. You are joy. It’s so simple, yet it’s so profound.”

The old Christian Science church in the heart of the historic West Adams District is now home to the West Coast headquarters of the Art of Living Foundation, which offers courses that are inspired by ancient Vedic writings and aimed at fostering a sense of well-being, self-awareness and self-control.

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