One who is not amazed by the magnificence of this Creation, his eyes are not yet opened. Once your eyes are open, they close and this is called meditation. (Laughter)

Tell me, what in this Creation is not a mystery?

Birth is a mystery; death is a mystery.

If both birth and death are mysterious, then life is certainly is a greater mystery. Isn’t it?

Being completely immersed in the mystery of Life and this Creation is Samadhi.

Your knowing or believing doesn’t really matter to what Is.

This Creation is an unfathomable secret, and its mysteries only deepen.

Getting steeped in mystery is Devotion.

The “Scene” is a mystery; the “Seer” is a mystery.

Deepening the mystery of Creation is science. Deepening the mystery of the Self is spirituality.

They are the two sides of the same coin.

If neither Science nor Spirituality can create wonder and devotion in you, then you are in deep slumber.

Knowledge Tidbits:

When a materialistic person tells you a secret, it will only create doubts and spread malaise.

When a wise or spiritual person tells you a secret, it will uplift your consciousness and spread benevolence.

Source: Knowledge Sheet – Art of Living Universe