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SriSriSpeaks: If you are unhappy, one way to get out of your sorrow is Tapas. Tapas is agreeing with the moment, total acceptance of pleasant or unpleasant situations.

Q: Where are Shiva and Shakti?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Both Shiva and Shakti are within us. You sit as though you are sitting in an ocean of bliss, in the ocean of cosmic energy, Divine energy, Shiva energy, Shakti energy. That is what is meditation.

SriSriSpeaks: When you are in a harmonious environment, your mind picks up any excuse to be in conflict. Often small things are enough to create a big turmoil. Have you noticed this?

Q: Guruji, What is the significance of ‘Shivaratri’
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Shivarathri means ‘the night of Shiva’ and is observed in honour of Lord Shiva. Shiva is the meditative aspect of the entire Universe. Shiva pervades the entire Universe. He is in every atom of the Universe. He has no form but is in every form, so full of compassion. Your true nature is Shiva. And Shiva is peace, infinity, beauty and the non-dual One. Ratri means “to take refuge.” Shivaratri is taking refuge in Shiva.
The devotees, in order to bring balance in the rajas (The primordial guna which brings forth activity) and Tamas(The primordial guna which brings forth inertia), and to uplift sattva (The primordial guna which gets the tasks accomplished), observe fast on this day. They keep awake at night and Shiva Lingam is worshipped throughout the night by washing it every three hours with milk, curd, honey, rose water, etc. whilst the chanting of Om Namah Shivaya continues. Bael leaves considered sacred to Lord Shiva are offered. Hymns in praise of Lord Shiva are sung. This traditional ritual is done to bring auspicious energy on the Earth and it enriches the space within. However, the devotion plays the utmost role. The Om Namah Chanting is done to harmonize the five elements in the environment.

SriSriSpeaks: Smile is like electricity and life a battery. Whenever u smile, the battery(life) gets charged & a beautiful day is activated. Keep smiling come what may as this too shall pass!

Q: Guruji, I can understand being centered and doing sadhana and seva but when criticism and jealousy turns to harmful proportions, what should I do?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Be aware, be alert. Is it jealousy in you or in others? If it is in you wake up and see what are you jealous about, everything is going to finish one day. Know that everything is going to be gone, everything is going to finish, your jealousy will right away go down. If it is others’ jealousy, don’t recognize it, they will bear their cross.

SriSriSpeaks: ‘Who am I?’I am God’s son or daughter. So why should I experience lack of anything? The whole world is there for me. What can time do to me? This sort of genuine bravery should arise in you.

Q: Guruji, the botherations that I put in the basket, would they be sorted out while I am here, or will they come back to me after going home?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Wait and watch! If you have put it for the sake of putting, you have not really dropped the botherations then you may take it back with you.

SriSriSpeaks: Cosciousness in the gross form is the body. In the subtle form it functions as mind,intellect,memory and ego. And the subtlest of these is the self or the pure consciousness. Through sadhana you become more aware of it and can use your full potential.

Q: Guruji, what is the purpose of human life? What must one do to achieve moksha (liberation)?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 You will get moksha, don’t worry! Once the desire for moksha arises in our mind, it will definitely be attained.

SriSriSpeaks: Generosity is not an act – it is a state of consciousness, but it always finds its expression in an act.

Q: Guruji, how to clearly identify intuition? What is the best way to identify and get rid of past happenings?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 A sense of deep acceptance, that nature has given in the past. No point in doing a postmortem of whatever happened in the past and questioning it. You know most of our time gets wasted when we start questioning the past. The future, you cannot question, because nothing has happened. So if you have a deep sense of acceptance for the past and be dynamic in the present you will see a new dimension added to your life.

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