Spirituality? What is it?

Written for youths (Yes!+ Group)

Today, people have many concepts like Science and Spirituality don’t go together. Now world is progressing, improvement in technology etc. and there is no space of spirituality. There have been many concepts of spirituality. Please break all those false notions of spirituality. I’ve a simple and complex definition of both science and spirituality.

The Creation is all a mystery. The more we know about it(Science), the more its mystery deepens and more we feel mysterious about the Creation. This deepening the mystery of Creation is Science. Deepening the mystery of Self is Spirituality. When we see our life, we find that however we may change, our attitude, our habits etc. but there is something that doesn’t change. There is something that remains same. (This is the reason some people never believe they’ve changed). Knowing this something is spirituality. Deepening the mystery of this something is spirituality. Science and Spirituality goes together. One is incomplete without the other.

We think a lot of things. We analyze things but we are not in our minds we are not in our thoughts we are not in our body and there is something that sees all this that feels all this and that is Self. That is what we are. This self sees even our minds. Knowing about this is Spirituality and Yesplus is all about strengthening our concepts of Spirituality. Taking everything at ease is Spirituality. Have you seen? Sometimes, we take things so seriously that we are not even able to protect our minds. Some body didn’t appreciate you or some body spoke ill of you nd then you are gone. That doesn’t mean that we should not take any action about it but why does it affect us?Humara to dimaag hi phir jaata hai. It hurts us. We know that after some days we’ll be fine but we’re still not able to handle ourselves. Taking such things with ease is Spirituality and that is why one should join Yes!+. Life moves by dual factors – inner tendencies and outer influences. Inner tendencies are like our attitude, our behaviour, our concepts etc. while outer influences are those incidents, situations and environment that make strong impressions on mind. Often our tendencies generate external situations that form tendencies within us. This is what is called Karma (Now, forget about all those notions of Karma. It is simply formation of tendencies within us from our experiences and what we call balancing of Karma is simply being neutral by breaking all those concepts developed within us. As you never know how someone will behave at what point of time and we can’t know how deep one is).

It is the awareness that filters the outer negative influences nd it is the awareness that corrects and annihilates unhealthy inner tendencies. This awareness is called GYANA and this is what we call knowledge. Just being aware about what is happening within us can get rid us of negative tendencies nd influences. Developing this awareness is Spirituality. This is how we have both free will and destiny. Being humans it is practically next to impossible to resist external influences and inner tendencies. This is possible only through awareness. When we are in grip of these dual factors it is our destiny. Free will or Freedom is when we have a say about our tendencies and our influences. When anger comes, we still do what we had to rather than getting caught in this emotion and this is free will.

 This path from Destiny to Free Will is Spirituality!!

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Jai Gurudev!!