My Spiritual Journey

Pavagadh is also known for the famous Mahakali Temple which draws thousands of pilgrims everyday. The temple is at the height of about 550 meters (1523 feet). The rope way facility has been made available to the tourists to reach the temple. About 250 steps have to be climbed from there.

On the third day of the Part II Art of Living Course, it was announced that we were to go to the temple along with Guruji, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar after our nature walk. Somehow, we developed cold feet, so decided not to go! On our way back to our respective rooms, what do we see? Guruji walking towards us with His signature smile, along with Rishiji (the then Nitinji) & others. How could we have known at that time that He recognized those fears of us which we were not even aware about. Nitinji insisted that we join, cajoled our son to come along. The 4-year old had already grown so much fond of his Nitin bhaiya who used to look after him when his mom was in away meditating! So all we started our pilgrimage to the Kali Temple.

While on the rope way I was so frightened even to look out of the open cabin! I finished the journey in utter panic & got out of the rope way with a sigh of relief. While we were climbing the 250 steps towards the temple; Rishiji told us, ” Guruji says, the basis of all the fears is the fear of death.” We reached the temple amidst the divine & melodious bhajan ‘ Mata bhavani maheshwari’ introduced to us by our fellow participant Mahalakshmi, a music teacher.

On the way back, while on the rope way, suddenly I found that I was enjoying the breath-taking view of the green valleys down under! The fear had vanished! Upon returning the Course venue, Guruji led us straight to the Satsang Hall. Rishiji began by singing, ‘Swagatam Krishna Sharanagatam Krishna’. A surge of devotion ran through my being, & felt that I’m inviting Krishna as if for the first time into my heart! That was one of the most unforgettable moment of my life. Till this day I cannot sing Swagatam Krishna’ without the company of goosebumps & tears!


Swagatam Krishna!

Jai Gurudev!