Knowledge Point – 10

SriSriSpeaks: Stop trying to control any situation, any person. You are at peace; our wanting to control is the problem. Do you get it? In any situation things will happen, this way or that way. Do your best and leave the rest. Finished. Got it?

Q: Guruji, sometimes when I feel that I have overcome a bad habit, a bad thought, a bad feeling or a bad mental state and when I acknowledge the same and think, ‘yes I achieved this’, immediately some kind of challenge comes in front of me. What is this?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Stop connecting your thought, ‘I have achieved this’ with not achieving it. Sometimes you think, ‘I want to do this’ and it does not happen. Many times your determination becomes weak. Someone else’s sankalpa wins over. So it is best not to analyze too much about it otherwise you start feeling guilty, your self esteem goes down and all these sort of mental tortures and imbalances follow. The best thing is to let go and take a fresh determination and move on.
Whenever you make a determination, at least it saves you for a certain period of time. Suppose you say, I am not going to overeat. You keep the determination for fifteen days or one month and then again you break it and you overeat. When you overeat, you suffer.
Then again you should start the sankalpa. Now, instead of saying, ‘I can’t do this, anyway, I will continue overeating’, start again. Say, ‘okay, I will start again from today. Never mind if I overate, but today I will begin again.’ Having that determination, saved you for one month from overeating.
So from time to time take such a sankalpa and never mind if it breaks. It is still helping you to move on, so never give up your determination. Even if it breaks ten times, it is good to come back to it.And this will save you going forward. It uplifts your spirit; it elevates you and makes life progress in the right direction. And suddenly one day you see, without any effort, it has become so easy. Naturally you are aligned. There is a natural alignment when you feel completely free. That inner freedom simply dawns. But you must take these useful steps.

SriSriSpeaks: When you are connected to this knowledge, know that you are very pure. This is the Ganges of knowledge. Whoever takes a dip in this will not consider himself as a sinner. Once you are on this path, know that you are purified.

Q: Guruji, the waves in the sea goes up and then goes down. But you have said mind goes deep within and then dissolves. So, how do we take the mind deeper?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
Stop trying. When you think, I want to do this and I want to do that then you cannot let go of doing something. That is when the mind stays in the surface. When you have the ability to just let go, the mind sinks to the depth.

SriSriSpeaks: This mind is my enemy and this mind is also my friend. If the mind listens to me it is my friend and when it goes all over the place it is my enemy. So, there is no bigger enemy in this world than your own mind.

Q: Dear Guruji, I’ve worked hard for three years but my supervisor killed my career without thinking. Now I am jobless and have lost my vision of life. How to deal with negative emotions about my boss?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:
 Listen, no point in sitting and brooding over the past. Wake up! With full energy, move forward.
If you have lost one job, so what?! A million other jobs are there in the world. You can take another one. Never mind if you get paid a little bit less in this job and you got more there, move on!
Life is worth much more than sitting and brooding and wasting your energy and your time on what has happened in the past. It might have been because of your own mistakes in the present or it could be that you were unable to see your mistake in the past. That could be because of a past life, but never mind. There is no point in analyzing the past now. We need to look forward and just move on.
Don’t lose your enthusiasm for whatsoever reason.

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